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SurPad 4.2 GNSS Field Software

SurPad 4.2 GNSS Field Software

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Powerful comprehensive field data collection software


Based on the Android platform, SurPad 4.2 is designed to assist professionals with all types of land surveying projects in the field. Combining with the international mainstream of surveying and mapping data acquisition function, it integrates with professional receiver control, point collection, stakeout, GIS data collection, road measurement, road design, cross-section measurement, railway stakeout, and COGO functions. Its comprehensive functions enhance users’ work efficiency.


Selling point 1

Powerful Functions

Enjoy the powerful functions, including tilt survey, CAD, line stakeout, road stakeout, GIS data collection, COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.

Selling point 2

Easy-to-use UI

Freely choose the desired display style, including list, grid, and customized style, and enjoy easy operations with graphic interaction, including COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.

Selling point 3

Compatible with Any Android Devices

Use it on all Android devices (Android 7.0 and above), including eSurvey handhelds, Android phones, tablets, and other third-party Android devices.

Selling point 4

Abundant Formats for Importing and Exporting

Directly import and export files with frequently used formats and customized formats.

 Selling point 5

Advanced display of base maps

Supports the import of different formats of base maps including, but not limited to AutoCAD formats (.dxf, .dwg), SHP and Land XML, which provides a more user-friendly experience during fieldwork.

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Powerful CAD function


Basic Information

Platform Android
Update Online update
Activation Online activation


Bluetooth Support
Wi-Fi Support
Serial port Support
Simulation Support customized coordinate

Map Function

Online √ Google street map1
Google satellite map1
Open street map
Offline SHP, DXF, DWG, XML

Coordinate System

Predefined Large number of coordinate systems
Localization Four parameters, seven parameters
Geoid files GGF, SGF, UGF, customized EDS
Grid files GSB, customized GDS
Sharing function Share with QR code or save locally
RTCM1021~1027 Support
Grid to ground Support

Import & Export


Survey Mode

Point type Topo point 
Control point 
Quick point 
Auto point by time/distance
Corner point 
Tilt point 
Stop and go
CAD entity Line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, circle, arc, spline
GIS Function Support

CAD Function

CAD format DXF, DWG, XML
CAD drawing Support
CAD calculation Angle, distance and area


COGO function √ Coordinate inverse calculation 
√ Point line calculation 
√ Vector 
√ Two lines angle 
√ Intersection calculation
√ Resection 
√ Forward intersection 
√ Coordinate positive calculation 
√ Offset point calculation 
√ Equal point calculation


Stakeout target Point, line, road, cross section
Stakeout reference North or forward direction
Voice Support voice prompt


Software language √ English 
√ Simplified Chinese 
√  Traditional Chinese 
√ Portuguese 
√ Korean 
√ Polish 
√ Spanish 
√ Turkish 
√ Russian 
√ Italian 
√ Japanese 
√ Magyar 
√ Swedish
√ Serbian 
√ Greek 
√ French 
√ Bulgarian
√ Slovak
√ Czech
√ Finnish
√ German
√ Lithuanian
√ Vietnamese
√ Norwegian
√ …
1. The google service is required.


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